S.1 Interview Course

Target: P5-P6
Size: 1-4
Cert: N/A
Grade: 1
Course: Primary
Material: Dr I-Kids
Course Info
Advancing into secondary schools is an important milestone for Primary 6 students. In addition to Students’ Internal Assessment, they also need to cope with interviews. This course covers the key points and format of interviews for a number of secondary schools in Hong Kong. It comes with a mock interview to ease students’ fear and pressure at interviews. It is also an opportunity to train students’ logical and critical thinking, so that they can show their full potential to the interviewers and enter their most preferred schools. The Centre was interviewed by many newspapers and magazines about interviewing for further studies. Furthermore, our professional instructors have been invited to share their interview skills at education seminars. Most of the students enrolled in Dr I-Kids Secondary School Interview Course are admitted by their ideal secondary schools.
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