Dr Kids™ Phonics and Phonetics

Target: P1-P6
Size: 1-4
Cert: Dr I-Kids
Grade: 6
Course: Primary
Material: Dr I-Kids
Course Features

Dr Kids™ Phonics & Phonetics consists of 3 levels, Walker, Jogger, and finally Runner. After learning the entire Dr Kids™ Phonics & Phonetics system, with the assistance of IPA, children will be able to pronounce all vocabulary easily.
Teaching Materials
Dr Kids™ English Phonics & Phonetics is written by scholars graduated from renowned universities, and English experts experienced in language teaching. The main editor has also edited the Oxford Dictionary. The difficulty of the course is progressive. Complemented with systematic teaching, children are able to learn and develop a solid foundation for blending.
Samples of Teaching Materials
Interactive Learning Materials
Learning Outcome
Progress Report & Certificate & Recommendation Letter
Dr Kids™ Phonics & Phonetics course includes regular personal learning reports. Upon completion of each level, students will receive a graduation certificate and recommendation letter from the school to record their learning journey.
Q1. Why our children should be enrolled in the English Phonics and Phonetics Course?
After learning phonics and phonetics skills, children no longer need to learn words by rote. Learning English will be much easier ever after.

Q2. How do I choose the right course level for my child? Before advancing to the next level, how long should my child have studied?
Before the course starts, you can make an appointment of our complimentary English assessment to your children. Our teachers will suggest the appropriate level according to the child’s assessed ability. In general, it takes about 9-12 months to complete a level, depending on the learning progress.

Q3. Which English phonics and phonetics system does Dr I-Kids use?
We have developed our own English phonics and phonetics system. The course is divided into three levels, Walker, Jogger and Runner, where the content is taught in gradual difficulty. The textbooks include plenty of content and exercises telling the sound blending in listening, articulation, and pronunciation. Children can master phonics and phonetics skills even more comprehensively.
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