Dr Bob™ Grammar

Target: P1-P6
Size: 1-4
Cert: Dr I-Kids
Grade: 6
Course: Primary
Material: Dr I-Kids
Course Features
Q1. What age group is the Dr I-Kids English Grammar Course suitable for children? Why do I need to enroll my child in the English Grammar Course?
Our English Grammar Course is specifically-designed for primary school students, especially children who need a stronger grasp of the basics of grammar, a better understanding of grammatical concepts, or greater support for forming sentences. English grammar is the foundation for learning English. A good grasp of English grammar is of great help to English conversation and writing.

Q2. Does the Dr I-Kids English Grammar Course match what is being taught at school?
There are different levels of our English Grammar Course. The content covered will start from the easy and gradually move on to a more advanced content. We devise our own teaching materials with reference to the content taught at many schools. The course will help your child to gradually master the correct English grammatical concepts, which are utterly important for learning English. Our teachers will recommend a suitable level at which your child can begin the course based on a pre-enrollment proficiency assessment.

Q3. My child is now in the upper grades but has not yet had a firm grasp of the grammar taught at the lower grades. How should I judge what level of the course I should enroll my child in?
Before enrolling in the course, your child will be given an English assessment by our teachers to understand your child’s level of grammar mastery. Our teachers will then recommend a suitable course level where we provide help that your child can truly master the grammar syllabuses, and build a solid foundation of grammar.
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