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Advanced Cambridge English test is run by Cambridge English Language Assessment. It is an internationally recognised English test. The test consists of 3 levels: First level – KET, second level – PET, third level – FCE. This is the most trusted basic English certification for teenagers, and is widely recognised in the local academia. Candidates awarded KET certificate have achieved basic level of English writing and speaking; candidates awarded PET certificate have achieved intermediate level of English writing and speaking; candidates awarded FCE certificate have achieved upper intermediate level of English writing and speaking, and can communicate confidently in English.

1Improve students' ability in listening, reading, writing and speaking effectively, so as to enhance their confidence in using English.
2Include various English grammar and writing exercises to help students improve English proficiency.
3Help students understand their strengths and weaknesses in using English, thereby gradually improves English competency.
4Use textbooks published by Cambridge University Press to follow closely to the requirements of Cambridge English tests.

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