P1 Interview Course

Target: K2-K3
Size: 1-4
Cert: N/A
Grade: N/A
Course: Kindergarten
Material: Dr I-Kids
Course Info
The course focuses on interview skills to enhance the students’ self-confidence, so that they can impress their interviewers. Teaching materials are compiled by professional instructors, and cover a wide range of interview techniques for entering a good number of primary schools in Hong Kong. The course will also nurture students’ creativity and speaking skills.
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Q1. In which grade is the P1 Interview Course suitable for children? Is it too late to start learning if my child is now in K3?
It is generally suitable for children in K2 to K3 to enroll in the P1 Interview Course, as early preparation is recommended. If you would like to let your K3 child begin, we suggest that you should communicate with the teacher first and work out a suitable class timetable for the best progress.

Q2. If I have already had a favourite school in mind for my child to try enrolling in, how can the Interview Course help my child?
Our P1 Interview Course covers the scopes and formats of the entrance interviews of a wide selection of primary schools in Hong Kong. Therefore, students can easily cope with interviews of different schools. Talk to our teachers if you have a school in mind for your child. Our teachers will make additional arrangements to suit your child’s needs.

Q3. My child needs to prepare for the exam required by the school we approached. Should I choose the P1 Interview Course?
If your child needs to prepare for the exam required by the school you have chosen, please come and talk to our staff, who will arrange a suitable test preparation class for your child.
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