Principal's Messages


“Learning today for a better tomorrow” Since its foundation in 2004, for more than 10 years, Dr I-Kids Education Center has been striving to create the best learning platform on which we endeavor to inspire and teach our new generation, hoping to build a better future for children.

The world we face today is ever-changing and more competitive than anytime it was. Children are expected to tackle various challenges in such an environment very soon. Education therefore becomes exceptionally important in equipping children to deal with future unknown circumstances. This has made us feel the obligation to satisfy the needs and interests of individual young learners, making them competitive enough to create success in the future society.

Dr I-Kids and its team realize education is never a quick process, but a continual, interactive and meaningful one, requiring prolonged time and efforts to take place, not only in schools but anywhere children enjoy learning. As an enthusiastic educator sharing common goals for parents, instead of just fostering a motivating learning environment and working on our inspiring course material, we have a far-reaching mission to discover students’ potential and develop their learning independence which we believe will definitely play a major role in shaping children’s future learning pathway.

With our full team’s hard work and commitment to local or even global education, we will continue to extend our network and bring long-term effect on more students. We motivate, we inspire, and the most importantly, we grow with our students. We will not stop improving, and never will we satisfy with our current success.

No matter you are looking for a franchising opportunity or evidence of quality education for your child, we hope that you can find enough information on our website to understand who we are, and why we have so many reasons to enjoy our work. We look forward to hearing from you.

Doris Ho

Principal, Dr Kids Education Group