About Us

Our philosophy of education

Established in 2004, Dr. I-Kids Education Centre is founded by a group of professionals with doctoral degrees who have always been committed to nurturing students. With the mission of becoming the ideal learning companion during children’s development stage, they aim to grow Dr I-kids Education Centre as the "Largest Tutoring Centre for young learners in Hong Kong".

The quality of our instructors is essential to teaching and learning. Therefore, we carefully select our academic staff. All our instructors possess at least one university degree, with some of them holding doctor or master’s degrees. We have also hired native English instructors. With such workforce, we are dedicated to providing professional and quality education services, and creating an encouraging learning atmosphere that promotes active learning.

The textbooks available in the market make it hard for parents to choose in order to take care of their children’s learning needs. In view of this, the Centre has its own teaching materials which are carefully written by doctoral instructors to ensure the teaching quality. There is also a vast question bank for students to master examination techniques.


Dr. I-Kids Education Centre has earned good reputation through years of quality teaching services. The Centre was awarded "Quality Education Brand" consecutively in 2011 and 2012, and was selected as "Star School” and "Hong Kong Top Brand". We are undoubtedly a confident choice for parents.

The Centre was accredited by Cambridge English Language Assessment as an assessment preparation centre and registered examination centre for the “Cambridge Young Learners English Test”. The British Council has also entitled us as one of the few "Platinum Level Addvantage Partner" across the industry.

Moreover, the Centre won the widely recognised "Asian Famous Brands Award" at the “8th Asia Brand Ceremony” (organised by the Asian Brand Association, jointly with Asia Television, National Development and Reform Commission China Economic Weekly, People’ s Daily, Xinhua News Agency and Economic Daily of China Economic News Service).

What make us unique

The Centre is committed to innovation and continuous improvements. Its unique teaching materials are developed and reviewed by the doctoral instructors to ensure their quality. Our Ph.D. level research and development team is responsible for the compilation of teaching materials, and study of teaching methods to arouse students’ interest in learning.

In addition, the Centre also introduced the new Dr Kids ™ Phonics and Phonetics system, content of which includes IPA. The professional team that built the system comprises English experts with rich language teaching experience who are holders of doctor and master’s degree, as well as a number of English educators from well-known universities and institutions around the world. Our interactive materials are divided into different levels. With this comprehensive learning system, teaching materials and best-in-class instructors, students will be able to achieve the most significant learning outcome.

Teaching materials are developed by our senior and doctoral instructors, and reviewed by the team:

  • Dr Kids™Dr Kids ™ Phonics and Phonetics
  • Dr Kids Chinese
  • Dr Bob™ Grammar
  • Dr Kids English
  • Chinese Writing
  • Dr Kids Mathematics
  • P5-6 Exams Course
  • English Writing
  • P.1 Interview Course
  • S.1 Interview Course
  • Handwriting and Word Recognition for Kids
  • Maths for Kids

Learning Softwares

To complement with the Dr Kids™ Phonics and Phonetics system, the Centre has also developed the Dr Kids Phonics Apps, Dr Kids Phonics Singalong and Dr Kids DIY Flashcard for parents to have fun and foster family bonding while assisting their kids’ English learning. This software is one of the top 100 most popular education softwares, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Newspaper and magazine interviews included:

Professional Quality

In addition to our teaching quality, the Centre also stresses on the importance of the overall management. The Centre was given the ISO 9001:2008 quality management certification as an acknowledgement of its attainment of international standards. Its professional attitude and teaching experience are well-recognised by all sectors as a role model.

Caring for the society

Apart from language education, the school also actively encourages social responsibilities and care for the community. The school has been awarded the “Caring Company” logo for five consecutive years, to commend its continuing commitment to and contributions to the community.

Furthermore, the school has garnered the "Green Achievement Award", "Community Engagement Award" and " Care for People Award" at HSBC Living Business Awards. In 2010, we participated in the Waste Reduction Logo Scheme and received an award. We are also proactive in doing the volunteer services, which also earned us the “Heart to Heart Companies” title for 2011/12.

In 2012 and 2013, the school was presented “Partner Employer Award” by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business for its support to local young graduates. We will continue to serve the local community, so as to set a good example for our instructors and students.